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  • Life Time Validity, DND Refund, Sender ID with 6 Letters, service time : 9AM-9PM

  • Send Marketing/ Commercial/ Promotional Messages from This Gateway

  • Group SMS, Dynamic SMS, Hindi/Gujarat/Marathi/Tamil/Telugu /Malayalam SMS

  • Excel_upload, Instant Delivery Reports, Unlimited Sender IDs, 160 characters 1 sms (English)

  • 70 characters 1 sms (unicode/ language sms)

  • Single Click Send 10,000 SMS to 1 Crore SMS, Pay Online INSTANT Activation.

PACKAGE                               COST/SMS                     TOTAL COST IN RS.                                   BUY NOW ONLINE

2000 sms                                20 ps/sms                                  Rs.400                                                        Pay Now

5000 sms                                18 ps/sms                                  Rs.900                                                        Pay Now

10000 sms                              15 ps/sms                                  Rs.1,500                                                     Pay Now

25000 sms                              14 ps/sms                                  Rs.3,500                                                     Pay Now

50000 sms                              13 ps/sms                                  Rs.6,500                                                     Pay Now

1 lakh sms                             12 ps/sms                                  Rs.12,000                                                   Pay Now

2 lakh sms                             10 ps/sms                                  Rs.20,000                                                   Pay Now

Bhairava Ads is the leading bulk sms service provider in Andhra Pradesh, Our Web SMS Service is a complete Bulk SMS Solution designed for a small, medium or large company. We have so many clients in all cities Vijayawada, New Delhi, Mumabi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Bulk SMS has been very successful as a potential marketing tool. Two major benefits are, easy reach to target customers within far lesser timeframes, and achieve brand visibility in lesser times as compared to the other mass marketing tools